AMA With Linas, February 8th — Transcript

The ERTHA team is very glad to see the massive turnout for the AMA! We’re been very keen to share more information with the community, and what better way there is to do so than an AMA with the mastermind himself — Linas.


Question 1:

The idea of ERTHA has been in the works for more than a decade. It strives to be the next level of gaming, which is a massive undertaking. What is your main motivation and driving force to take on a challenge this size?


My main motivation to work on ERTHA started from the fact that I am a gamer myself. I love playing games that have Strategy, Social and RPG elements included.

I’ve played various versions of MMORPGs, strategy games, even board games and browser/text based ones. And got quite good at that.

I never found one that would have everything the way I envisioned a perfect game in my mind — that’s why I started creating ERTHA. To have a game for myself and my friends to play — the way we like it :) It happens so that the game is so big that a lot of people started liking the concept, and I am really grateful about that. I believe that with the team we have here we will create something revolutionary!

Question 2:

The ERTHA community is very keen to hear more about the development of ERTHA. Could you tell everyone about the current focus?


Oh yes, our community we have here is amazing!
Our main focus now is to build HEX’es really close to reality. Our dev team are working with various data sets that we can get our hands on from our planet Earth and using that to generate HEX’es as close as possible, which means we will have every HEX UNIQUE — we will have 3D terrain landscape, resources and buildings quite spot on to the real world.

First people to interact with that and see their hexes will be our landowners. We will enable them to have ability to do impact on the lands that they own — which means developing their hex, building roads, buildings, and even exploring the mysteries that ERTHA holds.

Question 3:

February is flying by fast, and that only means one thing — less than a few months left until the release of BETA! What should landowners expect?


We are going to release the game in cycles, part by part, and the first actionable things, as I’ve mentioned before will be releases for our landowners to see how their HEX actually look in game, to feel the “second layer” of the map where you can explore landscape, oceans, cities and more.

Our main goal however is to build the true economy in game — there are many nuances that have to be built right for that to work. That is our challenge and we are up for it.

I am really exited about the Mysteries we have on the map, you should see quite interesting things appearing there!

Question 4:

What are the Mega HEXs for?

These are the mysteries that I am really exited about, I believe those will be places that are quite sought for in the game. I cannot yet release all the details (It will be done quite soon) but I can tell you that It will attract players to reach those locations and build around them!

Question 5:

Will there be Russian language in the game?


That’s a great question — since we are developing a global game, I strive to make it as easily reachable as possible. We love the active communities around the globe and we understand that they have their own native languages, so we will definitely add various languages in our game and even incentivize community to help us keep that updated!

Question 6:

How will the other Metaverse projects be integrated into Ertha? Moon, Venus, Cryowar, etc…


You’re quite perceptive here! Thanks for such question. There are various ways for metaverses to interact with each other, but I have some really secret stuff to tell you here — we will deeply integrate with our brother/sister metaverses of our Solar Multiverse world — which means that your character that you will develop in Ertha will be able to travel between those multiverses…… But let’s just wait for that to launch!

Question 7:

Can we build university on a HEX that’s not a city, or are universities built on cities hex only?


Universities will be reserved for Cities. There’s a reason why cities are quite pricy :))

Question 8:

What will our avatar look like and can we customize it?!


Awesome question! We’re building a metaverse, so you will be able to customize your player to represent yourself the way how you feel you want to look like. We are going to have NFT items in game like clothes and more, so we’ll give you flexibility :))

Question 9:

How many tokens are needed to develop a hex?


It really depends on the HEX you chose. Like in real life, some hexes will be quite developed, some will be empty. There are advantages to both. If you’ve got yourself a hold of a developed hex it will already have quite a lot in it. However, you’ll always be able to develop them further — the secret is that you’ll have to have a strategy here on what you want to achieve with your HEX, the best strategy wins the most.

Cities that are for sale now already will have buildings available, that will potentially bring more revenue to the owner depending on how people will use them.

And HEXs will be able to be developed using Resources that are gained from the companies in those hexes, so there’s quite a lot of flexibility that we will give.

Question 10:

Hey Linas, can you show us the Ertha devs working place and members? We really want to meet your devs personally.


Sure! I can’t wait till we show you what we are working on. I will post some of the ongoing stuff from our offices in my Twitter account so make sure you follow that to keep you updated


Thanks for tuning in, more AMAs will be held in the future!

Own land in the ERTHA Metaverse and generate revenue.

Ertha is an MMO 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) game with extensive opportunities to satisfy one’s need for curiosity, competitiveness, and social recognition through roleplaying in a vast geopolitical map.
With three distinct characters to select from and endless possibilities to alter them, players themselves will be the creators of their own narrative and wealth both in virtual and real worlds.
Welcome to Ertha



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