Conflicts & Wars in the Erthaverse

Wars in Ertha may happen too.

Just like the real world, the ERTHA metaverse isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Conflict is an unavoidable and necessary part of life. When greed, power, and politics mix together, you almost always get the ultimate result — war.

In ERTHA, war enables the opportunity for a country and its citizens to achieve their goals on a global scale. Whether it’s inequity in scarce resources, territorial disputes, thirst for power, or economical gain, war is seen by some not as a last resort, but a necessary evil. There can be many causes for international conflicts, but in the end, the cause doesn’t even matter.

An aggressor country could try to conquer additional territory to increase its political and economic power in the region: gain access to additional natural resources, conquer extra land for construction, etc.

Wars can also happen just for the sake of it, just because of the human factor. Erthians have full control over all international rivalry and have the ability to initiate wars as soon as their country becomes eligible. Country borders in Ertha are a far more volatile subject in comparison with the world that once existed.

NFT landowners shouldn’t worry — their NFT HEXs will not be lost in game situations under any circumstances. However, their land may still undergo changes. For example, if an Erthian landowner owns a HEX near the border, and the neighboring country decides to attack and occupy the Erthians land, that land is now under the control of the occupant country. This might result in changes to the taxes the Erthian has to pay, voting rights, and more.

All in all, the ERTHA metaverse offers an exciting and ever-changing world. Make friends, conquer your enemies, survive, and thrive in the world of ERTHA!

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Ertha is an MMO 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) game with extensive opportunities to satisfy one’s need for curiosity, competitiveness, and social recognition through roleplaying in a vast geopolitical map.
With three distinct characters to select from and endless possibilities to alter them, players themselves will be the creators of their own narrative and wealth both in virtual and real worlds.
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