Earn ERTHA NFTs by Being Active in the Community

ERTHA is growing — numbers of new members join the ERTHA metaverse every day! We’ve been keeping everyone engaged with community games and competitions. Most recently, we introduced a fully-fledged economy in our ERTHA Discord server as a rewarding system for the most active community members.

This economy is based on our Discord currency — METACOIN. METACOINS are very valuable, because by staying active and participating in Discord activities, you can earn ERTHA NFTs!

How can you earn METACOINS?

METACOINS can be earned in various different ways. First of all, every ERTHA Discord community member can claim some METACOINS each day. The amount may seem small at first, but trust me, they stack up!
Secondly, the ERTHA Discord is full of various community games and competitions. Just recently we hosted our first community Trivia Night, which was a great success. Every participant earned METACOINS!


The ERTHA Discord has a reward shop channel, where you can redeem different items, including ERTHA land NFTs worth up to $500 each! Amazing right?! Join the ERTHA Discord and check it out for yourself!

Note: METACOINS only function within the Discord channel and are not minted on any blockchain nor related to the Ertha token.

Own NFT land in the Ertha metaverse and generate lifetime revenue.

Ertha is an MMO 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) game with extensive opportunities to satisfy one’s need for curiosity, competitiveness, and social recognition through roleplaying in a vast geopolitical map.
With three distinct characters to select from and endless possibilities to alter them, players themselves will be the creators of their own narrative and wealth both in virtual and real worlds.
Welcome to Ertha

Ertha Metaverse a FIRST ever in DeFi Game ecosystem powered by ERTHA Token