ERTHA Beta v0.1.1 is Live!

2 min readApr 14, 2022


Good news, the first Early Beta update is here! Together with it come various improvements, and a vital function of the game — Interiors! The update is NOW LIVE on the Ertha Globe. Head over to HEX #269386 to check it out for yourself!

Patch Notes for 14/April/2022:

  • Added building interiors
  • Added first-person functionality in interiors
  • Day/Night cycle now always starts during the day
  • Sun angle improved, now follows a different path
  • Improved game looks and color scheme
  • Linas came out of hiding and can now be found
  • Erthians in cars no longer cause massive traffic jams
  • Traffic density reduced to improve performance (and to save gas!)
  • Players can no longer spawn on buildings when switching to first person view
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments.

Patch Notes for 09/April/2022

  • Moved city resource loading to CDN to improve loading times.
  • Added caching of login data to prevent users from always logging back in.
  • Added terms and conditions checkbox.
  • Enter button now performs login.

Tune into the update coverage livestream today at 12:00UTC on, where we will be hosting an AMA with Game Master Linas and covering the update more in-depth!

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