Ertha Beta v0.6.1 Patch Notes

2 min readAug 24, 2023


Improvements, bug fixes and more!

Hello and happy patch day, Erthians! Today, we’re swiftly pulling out a quick updagte out of our back-right pocket, and continuing on the road to Ertha v1.0.

While our developers are hard at work creating the modules for Ertha’s player-driven economy, they’re also finalizing the functionality of opening HEXBOXs. Get ready to discover what tantalizing treasures your container holds.

Without further ado, here’s the full list of changes for Ertha Beta v0.6.1:

Version 0.6.1

  • Updated & improved the Ertha Launcher
  • Added new “Randomize” button for character appearance in the character creator
  • Updated descriptions on some Weaknesses
  • Split skills into Perks & Skills
  • Split Appearence into Body & Clothing
  • Fixed traffic collisions by adjusting car behavior surrounding traffic lights
  • Added a fix to prevent players placing trees directly inside buildings or placing buildings directly onto trees
  • Fixed issues with avatar being blank when no avatar is selected by users
  • Fixed issue where user can click onto buildings through UI elements in some cases
  • Fixed issue where previous city builder tool was being selected when switching tools occasionally
  • Fixed some visual kinks with character models
  • Fixed highlighter for buildings sometimes not appearing
  • Added functionality to auto-fill the email in email login field when creating a new account
  • Added Numpad-Enter and Tab functionality to login and registration screen
  • Improved inventory opening and closing time
  • Changed the default avatar
  • Updated character model in the character creation screen
  • Updated default UI in the character creation screen, removed some badges
  • Fixed car spawning orientation when first arriving to a cell or demo city
  • Fixed missing cursor bug when opening quiz occasionally
  • Fixed energy not updating
  • Fixed car rotation on low graphics settings
  • Fixed visual bug with character sex selection


  • Player Energy/Health/Satiety is sometimes not displayed correctly

Ertha is an MMO 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) game with extensive opportunities to satisfy one’s need for curiosity, competitiveness, and social recognition through roleplaying in a vast geopolitical map.
With three distinct characters to select from and endless possibilities to alter them, players themselves will be the creators of their own narrative and wealth both in virtual and real worlds.
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