Ertha Beta v0.6.5 Announcement

2 min readOct 17, 2023


Happy new week, Erthians! As we continue our work towards the economy expansion with Ertha Beta v0.7, it’s almost time to enjoy an intermediate update — Ertha Beta v0.6.5.

The update is scheduled to go live on October 25th. With it, we’re bringing a lot of needed changes & improvements to the user experience, as well as adding additional mechanics as we get ready for Ertha v1.0.


One of the main goals we have with this update is to make Ertha feel smoother and more polished. We’re waging a war against jagged animations, staggered transitions, wonky character movement and so on.

Expect for third and first person movement to be miles better than before, with us using a whole new rendering system to achieve this.

Camera controls are getting some love, too! Not only are we making it more intuitive, but we’re fixing most of the previously reported issues while terraforming, or just exploring HEXs.

Inventory Sync

We’re actively working on syncing account inventories between the Ertha Marketplace and the game! It involves a lot of boring back-end work and management (especially to ensure there are no exploits). However, this is a necessity in order for players to see and use their Erthian collection items and Edition One vehicles properly in-game!

Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the various items from your HEXBOXs in-game. Who’s got the coolest one?

Easter Eggs

To have something fresh to play around with, an easter egg will be hiding somewhere around the tutorial island! Hint: look closely for something related to conflicts & wars!

Also… Has anybody found the Golden Linas yet?

What’s coming Next

After this update, the development team will put their focus on the most important part of Ertha — economy.

With the next updates, we’re planning to introduce resource exploration and research, work & company related mechanics, HEX upgrades and purchases/sales inside of the game using the $ERTHA Token!

We feel that the basic functionality of the game is reaching the stage of being ready for solid day-to-day gameplay. Once the economic modules are in place & tested, we’re off to Ertha v1.0 and onwards!

What’s your favorite part about the upcoming update? Let us know on our socials!

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