Ertha Marketplace Trading Update Now Live

4 min readMay 22, 2023


Trade Edition One Vehicles and HEXBOXs on the Ertha Marketplace

The Ertha Team is excited to announce the release of a major update for the Ertha Marketplace, which now allows players to trade their valuable Edition One Vehicles and HEXBOXs! This update introduces important new features and improvements that the community needs to be aware of. Let’s dive in!

New Wallet UI with Wallet Types

The new update comes with a revamped wallet user interface, which allows you to select two types of wallets: Account Wallet and External Wallet.

The External Wallet is your usual Metamask or other third-party wallet, while the Account Wallet is an account-bound internal wallet.

To trade on the Ertha Marketplace, you’ll need to transfer your Ertha assets from the External Wallet to the Account Wallet.

Wallet Select Dropdown Menu

How to Start Trading

To start trading your Ertha assets, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on your NFT and transfer it from your External Wallet to the Account Wallet.
Click Transfer To Wallet

2. Transfer some BNB to your Account Wallet to cover transaction fees. You can do this directly from the connected external wallet, or by clicking “Receive” on the BNB section in your wallet and then transferring to that address from an exchange or wallet of your choice.

Transfer from External Wallet to Wallet

3. After pressing Sell, update the NFT you want to trade. It’ll be updated to the new Ertha NFT contract address within a few minutes. You must have enough BNB in your Wallet to cover gas fees. Refresh the page if you see the “Update” button for the second time when you click Sell.

4. Set a price in USD. Pressing Confirm will list it for sale on the Ertha Marketplace.

Set a price and confirm.

Expanded View for Easy Management

The update also includes an Expanded View feature that allows you to manage all your assets in one place. Click on “Expand View” in the top-right corner of the wallet menu to access a new page where you can display your tokens, items, and collections. This comprehensive view makes managing your assets easier than ever.

Viewing Tokens in Expanded View

Note: the expanded view does not show your NFTs that are currently listed for sale.

Marketplace Listings

After this update, you’ll be able to see who’s the seller of an item in the form of a wallet address. If the item is unminted and sold directly by Ertha, the seller will be reflected as “ERTHA”. If the item is already minted and being resold. the seller will be reflected by their Ertha account wallet address.


The latest Ertha Marketplace Trading Update is a significant enhancement to the Ertha experience! Participate and trade your Edition One vehicles and HEXBOXs today by visiting Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your asset collection!

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