ERTHA Metaverse Breaks Records With NFT HEX Sales and Token Launch

3 min readJan 7, 2022

Ertha Metaverse is delighted to report the hugely successful launch of the ERTHA Token, and the record pace the Ertha Metaverse is getting populated at!

To date, Erthians have acquired 13,750 HEXs with 5,000 of these within just the last seven days. Many within the community have already accumulated an admirable collection of HEXs to develop once the game launches.

Starting from January 17th, a 20% price increase will be applied to all HEXs available on the Marketplace. You still have some time to pick up a few HEXs for your collection at the best price possible!

France, Italy, Norway, Oman, Turkey, UAE and many others are almost sold out. If you were planning to call any of these countries home, hurry up, because they won’t be available for long!

A big congratulations to our current landowners and early adopters for supporting the project from such an early stage. Your lower initial price point and extra resources are sure to give you a big head start on your journey in Ertha, as well as a 20% return of investment already.

We’re expecting sales to accelerate in line with the continued growth and visibility that the project has gained over the last few weeks.


The project has turned the heads of the wider crypto community with a performance that saw it trading as one of the day’s top gainers. During its first 24hr trading period the token went from strength to strength showing a peak of 3177%, reaching a high of $0.59 on PancakeSwap before stabilizing.

Debuting first on Huobi and then on PancakeSwap, in the first 24 hours of trading, the token exceeded a trading volume of 39.5m!

Trading volume on Huobi even surpassed Bitcoin, with the ERTHA Token being number one in purchased and searched tokens.

It’s an exciting time for everyone associated with Ertha and we are thrilled to see such hype surrounding the project. This is in no small part thanks to our fantastic community and incredible partners at Huobi, GameFi, GD10, Seedify and many, many more!

As the community grows we have witnessed how collaborative you can all be. If you haven’t already, jump over to Discord where you’ll find members swapping tips and tricks and even helping each other locate specific HEXs and resources. Let’s see if this spirit of togetherness lasts once the game launches!

There is plenty of work for the team still to do and we have big plans ahead of us. 2022 is going to be an incredible year for Ertha!

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