ERTHA, MOON and the Space Race

2 min readAug 31, 2022

Humanity’s long-awaited arrival on the Moon is the culmination of an epic dystopian sci-fi story. However, in order to truly understand the ground-breaking interaction between the two metaverses, we must first learn of the events taking place on Ertha.

Earth was on the verge of extinction. The world’s most powerful nations had no choice but to put their differences aside and come together to devise a strategy for escaping the throes of devastation and environmental degradation. Humanity went into long-term cryosleep in order to preserve itself. From here, the mind was inserted into Ertha, a virtual recreation of our once prosperous planet.

Those whose consciousness survived the mentally-exhausting journey into the metaverse awoke to discover a world that had been restored to its former glory. Humanity had grasped hold of an opportunity to turn a new leaf and right the wrongs of the past.

This takes us to the present day.

Decades have passed since humans first became known as Erthians. Their new start inside the metaverse has allowed them to escape the downward spiral they had found themselves in back on Earth. However, what they haven’t discovered is a way to rid themselves of man’s natural urge to command and conquer.

Those fortunate enough to call Ertha ‘home’ have witnessed the rise of the inevitable global superpowers. “Super Alliances” — as they’re known in the Erthaverse, were the first to initiate the space race.

Ertha’s Super Alliances began working in secret to expand their reach into the vast expanse of space. Despite having little to no knowledge about their rivals’ intentions and vastly different motives, each settled on the same final destination — the Moon.

The Moon always held a certain fascination to mankind. It’s no different on Ertha. Man has traveled to it, landed on it, and even brought pieces of it back to Earth — but they have never been able to conquer it.

Things are about to change…

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