Ertha, Moon, and the Space Race — Part 2

3 min readSep 8, 2022

In part one of our developing story ‘Ertha, Moon, and the Space Race’ we discovered the origin story of Erthians and how they came to be living in the metaverse. Today, we will dive deeper and learn more about the motives behind Ertha’s Super Alliances’ expansion into outer space.

Back when Erthians first moved into the Erthaverse, it was not singular nations that controlled the world’s power, but groups of leaders who banded together to exert their authority over large expanses of the globe. The largest of these, Super Alliances, were combinations of many nations and have become increasingly difficult to dislodge from power.

Three groups have unknowingly entered into a race to become the first Erthians in space. The first of these is the Erthaverses largest alliance, The Inquisitors.

Knowledge is Power

Over decades, The Inquisitors wrestled control from smaller nations, absorbing them into their all-conquering body. In the early days, this was often achieved through all-out warfare. Initially, each victory in battle was hard fought. However, as their power increased, the ability of smaller nations to resist occupation reduced.

Now, expansion continues through more peaceful means. Careful negotiation between delegates and the flexing of their political prowess means that nations keen to avoid war are quick to relinquish their power and pledge allegiance to their new rulers.

Sitting comfortably from their position of power, their dominance of the globe is largely uncontested. With little left to achieve on Ertha, their interest in colonizing the Moon stems from a desire to expand humanity’s collective knowledge of the universe. After all, knowledge is power.

The Inquisitors believe that the creation of an off-planet colony on the Moon will improve the lives of its citizens and act as a stepping stone toward future exploratory missions.

Control of Space Means Control of the World

Meanwhile, one of Ertha’s most secretive and mysterious alliances, often referred to as a secret society, is growing tired of the world’s superpowers and believes their dominance has gone uncontested for too long.

The Dark Core know that if they were to launch an attack on The Inquisitors now, they would be met with certain defeat. So they have been patient and smart, steadily growing their funds to launch their own mission into space.

Just what do they think this will achieve? Power for a start. Long term, they envision a new world order with themselves at the forefront. A colony on the Moon seems like an excellent place to start.

The Dark Core requires a base from which to mine resources, grow their wealth, infiltrate positions of power and arm their military with next-generation technology. For them, control of space could mean control of the world!

Ertha’s Elite are Out For Themselves

That’s not all. There are other Erthians attempting to make their way to the Moon. Acting alone, many of Ertha’s wealthiest citizens have begun building their own spacecraft.

Privately funded and individually operated, the elite are out for themselves. Operating on a smaller scale means they are making quick progress toward their goal. Soon enough space tourism will be the norm.

At least, that’s how it started. It didn’t take long for a few of the most business-focused individuals to realize how much money they would be leaving on the table if they were only heading to the Moon for pleasure. If there is one thing the wealthy want more of, it’s money!

Surely, it wouldn’t be too much effort to put some extra resources into creating an inter-metaverse trade route? As the only Erthians with privately owned transportation, it should be easy to provide their wealthy clientele with the rarest resources the Moon has to offer.

Own land in the ERTHA Metaverse and generate revenue.

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