Ertha, Moon and the Space Race — Part 4

3 min readSep 21, 2022


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Last time, we left off our Super Alliances just when things started to go wrong. Between the unexplainable mysteries of the Moon and brewing conflict, it seemed that things were about to take a turn for the worse.


The Dark Core was not in a favourable position. Feeling cornered, they gathered their strongest and smartest, and started drafting an action plan. They had to save not only their mission, but themselves.

After a long and heated debate, it was decided. They would stand their ground and defend the territory they had claimed for themselves just weeks ago. They’d worked too hard to give it all up.

Three days after Mission Control first reported on The Inquisitors launch, The Dark Core crew members saw their rivals appear on the horizon. They situated themselves in advantageous positions, loaded their weapons, said their prayers and engaged from range.

Initial battles were hard fought. The Moon’s unique atmosphere meant that each shot had to be fired with extreme precision. Rounds were being fired left and right, tracing various figures in the sky. Explosions were going off, causing the ground to rumble and kick up moon dust, making it impossible to see. They were fighting blind.

Ultimately, casualties were taken on both sides, and many men were lost. The Inquisitors were pushed back, but The Dark Core was now left in a significantly weakened position. After the dust settled and they could take a look around, they saw their Moon base was practically unrecognisable.

The battle had taken its toll on both sides and a retreat was called. Will these two rivals reach an agreement that would spare more men from an untimely death? Or is this just the beginning of the first ever full-blown Moon war?

Back on Ertha, the average Erthian remained in the dark about the events taking place on the surface of the Moon. Unaware of the danger being faced by the two alliances, members of Ertha’s elite society pressed ahead with their plans to launch their first shuttles to the Moon. Little did they know about the situation they could soon find themselves involved in. Entering a potentially active warzone was not part of the plan.

One man in particular, Robert Houston, was on the verge of completing his unmanned space shuttle tests. Embarking the spacecraft for the first time and shooting for the Moon was now only days away.

The tension is ramping up. It seems that everybody wants a piece of the Moon.

To be continued…

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