Erthian HEXBOX Collection Revealed

3 min readFeb 28, 2023


Today is the day! Are you ready to find out what tantalizing treasures the Erthian HEXBOX holds?

Item Rarity Levels

Before the reveal, we need to introduce the different types of item rarities that will be found inside the Ertha Metaverse.

Every single Ertha item (yes, even Seaweed), has one of the following rarity levels assigned to it:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Currently, the rarity levels of land HEXs are not displayed, but they will be!

Collection Items & Drop Rates

The Erthian Collection consists of 12 NFT items, ranging from Common to Legendary.

Each Erthian HEXBOX contains the following:

  • 1 NFT Item from the Erthian Collection. Randomness is based on the item drop rate percentages (shown below).
  • Guaranteed 300 to 900 $ERTHA Tokens, amount is based on random chance.

Item drop rates defined:

In Ertha v1.0, some of the items in this list may also increase character stats. Default (non-HEXBOX) wearable items are currently being created and tested, and we want to make sure we find the right balance between fairness and exclusivity.


Common Items

Headwear. “Ertha” Logo glows in the dark.
Headwear. Neon elements glow in the dark.

Uncommon Items

Footwear. Shoe soles emit a glowing light.
Headwear. Glass frame emits glowing light.

Rare Items

Headwear. Neon elements emit a glowing light.
Backpack. Neon elements emit a glowing light.

Super Rare Items

Jacket. Neon elements emit a glowing light.

Epic Items


Legendary Items

Private Jet

The final look of the items inside of the game may be different due to different shaders, design adjustments or graphic settings selected by the user.

Opening HEXBOXs

The process of opening HEXBOXs will take place inside of the game, once wallet connections are fully implemented!

Owners will be able to open their HEXBOXs from their inventory. The items received will be tradeable on the Ertha Marketplace!

Did you know there’s only a limited amount of HEXBOXs available?

Get yours —

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