Feathers to Fangs: Exploration of Ertha’s Animal Kingdom

2 min readApr 18, 2023


Discover the Fascinating Animals of Ertha and their Bountiful Byproducts

Hey, fellow Erthians! Are you ready for a roaring adventure into the untamed world of Ertha’s animals? If you’re a landowner with the Meat resource, listen up and prepare to dive into a diverse ecosystem teeming with creatures, ranging from common cattle to the epic elephant. So, let’s embark on this wild journey and unveil the secrets of Ertha’s animal kingdom!

The Beasts of Ertha

Ertha v1.0 will be home to a fascinating array of animals, each with its own rarity level:

Cattle (Common)

Pig (Common)

Chicken (Common)

Sheep (Uncommon)

King Cobra (Rare)

Tiger (Super Rare)

Elephant (Epic)

Get ready to nurture these amazing creatures with the help of an Animal Farm company. The key to success? Your Hunting skill! The better your skill, the more efficient you’ll be in gathering valuable resources from these animals.

More Than Just Meat

These animals provide more than just food; they also produce byproducts essential to various industries in Ertha:

Leather: Transform cattle hide into clothing and more.

Ivory: Extracted from elephants, this precious material has many uses.

From food to fashion, animal products will be in high demand across numerous industries in Ertha. Many blueprints require a variety of animal-derived resources, ensuring these creatures play a vital role in the game’s economy.


Congratulations! You’ve just taken a whirlwind tour of Ertha v1.0s incredible animal kingdom. From common cattle to the mighty elephant, these creatures provide valuable resources for food, clothing, and crafting. So, as you forge ahead in your Ertha journey, don’t forget to embrace the wild side of this virtual world, and make the most of the bountiful byproducts that these animals have to offer!

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