Fish in Ertha: A Catch You Can’t Resist!

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Get Hooked on the Ocean’s Bounty in the Ertha MMORPG!

Ahoy, Errrrthians! Are you ready to dive into the deep blue world of Ertha’s oceans? But beware, landlubber — there’s more to this fishy business than meets the eye! In this educational blog post, we’ll explore the different types of fish available in the Ertha Metaverse, how to catch them, and the tantalizing benefits they offer. Let’s get kraken!

The Fantastic Fishes of Ertha

Ertha’s waters are full with an assortment of scaly delights, each with their own rarity level. The resource types below are what you should expect to find in Ertha v1.0. There’ll be may be additions in future updates!

Salmon — The common catch that’s anything but ordinary.

Trout — An uncommon find that’ll have you swimming in success.

SharkRare and fierce, these toothy predators are a true prize.

SwordfishSuper Rare and just as sharp as their namesake.

Bluefin Tuna — The Epic catch, a true treasure of the sea!

Making Waves with Water Animals

Just when you thought Ertha’s fish resource couldn’t get any more exciting, we’re here to make a splash with Water Animals! If you’re a lucky landowner with the Fish resource, you may also discover these fin-tastic creatures lurking beneath the waves:

Coral — The colorful common treasure of the sea.

OysterUncommon and elegant, these gems are more than just a pretty shell.

Octopus Rare, with intelligence and countless arms, they’re truly one of a kind.

Turtle — Slow and steady wins the race with these Super Rare reptiles.

SealEpic and oh-so-adorable, these marine mammals are the real deal!

Reel in the Rewards with Your Fishing Company

Landowners that currently own the Fish resource will soon discover what specific type of Fish or Water Animals they actually have. This will be based on chance — the rarer the resource, the luckier you need to be!

To catch these slippery swimmers, you’ll need to build and work in a Fishing Company. The level of the company will determine how many employees can work there at the same time, and how much storage is available. A Fishing Company can be upgraded up to level 3.

The higher an employee’s Fishing skill level is, the more efficient their gathering will be. Higher worker skill levels will result in more work done for the same amount of energy than lower skill levels — so crack open those books and start studying!

Satiety — The Secret to Your Success

Fish aren’t just for show; they’re an essential food for filling up the satiety of Erthians, which in turn regenerates their energy. Without satiety, you’ll be as useful as a fish out of water! To turn the catch into edible food portions, you’ll need to process it in a Food Processing Company. Just remember, fish have an expiration date, so keep an eye on your stocks to avoid a fish-tastrophe!

The rarer the fish, the better the food. Rarer types of fish will restore more satiety, or even offer a buff to your character.

Byproducts — The Hidden Gems of the Sea

You may think you’re just reeling in a fish, but sometimes, there’s a surprise waiting on the other end of the line! Byproducts, for example seaweed, or even rare items (like shark teeth or pearls, for making jewelry) can add some extra excitement to your fishing adventures. Stay tuned for more info on Jewelry in Ertha!

In Summary

With your newfound knowledge, you’re ready to make a splash in Ertha’s watery world! From Salmon to Seals, your Fishing Company will be overflowing with riches and rarities from beneath the waves. Cast your nets wide and reap the rewards of the ocean’s bounty — may the tide be ever in your favor, Erthians!

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