Fueling the Fun! Ertha’s Energy Sources

2 min readApr 12, 2023


A Glimpse into the Energetic World of Fuels in Ertha v1.0

Welcome, Erthians! Are you ready to ignite your knowledge about the dynamic fuels that will keep Ertha running? From transportation to electricity, these essential resources keep the wheels turning and the lights shining. So let’s rev up our engines and delve into the world of fuels in Ertha v1.0!

The Dynamic Duo of Fuels

Meet the fuels of Ertha, ready to charge your experience and power your progress:

Coal (Common)

Crude Oil (Uncommon)

These fuels may be few in number, but their impact on Ertha is immense, driving the transportation industry and much more.

Crude Oil is the lifeblood of Ertha‘s vehicles. Gathered with the help of an Oil Well (using the extraction skill), then processed into Fuel inside of an Oil Refinery (using the chemistry skill), it keeps vehicles like cars, planes, ships and boats moving!

But that’s not all. Crude Oil is also essential in the manufacturing process of plastic and carbon fiber!

Coal is also a versatile resource with a variety of applications in Ertha. Use coal to aid in the creation of Steel, a vital construction material.

Importantly, these fuels are used for electricity generation! Power up your HEX with Coal and Oil Power Plants!

Stay tuned for more information about electricity in Ertha, including additional power plant types like solar and wind.

While Ertha v1.0 showcases Coal and Crude Oil as the primary fuels, keep your eyes peeled for future updates that might introduce even more types of fuels to energize your Ertha experience.


Now that you’ve fueled up on the knowledge of Ertha’s essential energy resources, you’re ready to set off on your adventure with confidence. As you navigate the world of Ertha, remember the vital role fuels play in the game, driving not only transportation but also the economy and technological advancements. So, strap in, hit the gas, and get ready to power through the fascinating world of Ertha!

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