HEX-tremely Essential: Land Upkeep in Ertha

2 min readMay 8, 2023


Unlock the Secrets to a Thriving HEX

Welcome to the world of Ertha, where land HEXs reign supreme! But, to become a HEX-pert, you’ll need to ensure the supply of Electricity, Water, Sewage, and Waste on your land are up to par. Today, we’ll take you through these four crucial HEX Upkeep variables, so you can create a thriving HEX utopia. Let’s dive in!

Energize Your HEX: Powering Up with Electricity

To keep your HEX running smoothly, you’ll need an electric supply that suits your needs. Ertha v1.0 will offer four power plant options:

  • Coal Power Plant
  • Oil Power Plant
  • Wind Power Plant
  • Solar Power Plant

Green vs. fossil fuel-based electricity plants: a decision that could make or break your HEX. While green power plants emit less resident-reducing pollution, they generate less electricity. Choose wisely!

The Watering Hole: Hydrating Your HEX

Water is essential for all HEXs. Luckily, Ertha v1.0 will offer various ways to increase your water supply:

  • Water Bore
  • Water Tower
  • Water Pumping Station

Remember, without water, your HEX could become a desolate wasteland! Not only is it required for your residents to live happily and comfortably, it’s vital for factories and all production processes to run smoothly.

Sewage Savvy: Keeping Things Flowing

Sewage management is crucial for your HEX’s health. Avoid a stinky situation by investing in these buildings:

  • Sewage Outflow Pipe
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

With proper sewage management, you’ll keep your HEX happy and healthy. Otherwise — say hello to pollution and unhappy residents!

Waste Not, Want Not: Garbage Solutions for a Cleaner HEX

No one likes a garbage-filled HEX! To keep your land pristine, utilize these waste disposal options:

  • Garbage Dump
  • Garbage Incinerator

Trust us, your HEX residents will thank you!

Country-wide Supply

It’s important to note that each HEX has a certain amount of these upkeep variables already available from the country infrastructure grid. However, to expand their HEX, players will need to construct these functional buildings to manage upkeep and make sure their land can accommodate the expansion.


In Ertha, mastering HEX management is crucial for success. By ensuring enough Electricity and Water, and dealing with Sewage and Waste, you’ll create a thriving environment for all to enjoy. Are you ready to become a HEX-cellent landowner?

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