Rock On, Erthians! Unraveling Minerals and Rocks

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Digging Deep into the Gems and Rocks That Shape Your Ertha Experience!

Hello, fellow Erthians! Are you ready to unearth the marvelous world of minerals and stone resources in Ertha v1.0? In this rock-solid blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the sparkling gems and indispensable stones found in Ertha v1.0. So, let’s chip away at the knowledge buried within!

A Treasure Trove of Minerals

Discover the dazzling world of Ertha’s v1.0 minerals, each with its own unique rarity:

Uncommon: Quartz, Sapphire

Rare: Emerald

Epic: Diamond

Landowners that currently own the Minerals resource should get ready for the discovery of the specific mineral on their land — cross your fingers for some Diamonds!

Rocks — The Unsung Heroes of Ertha

While not as flashy as minerals, these rocks play a crucial role in Ertha’s economy:

  • Limestone
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Clay

All of them sport the common rarity, however it’s not to say that’s a bad thing. Read on to find out about how they’ll shape the Ertha world as we know it.

The Sparkling Wonders

Ertha’s minerals hold the power to transform your experience. When crafted into jewelry, gemstones like Emeralds, Sapphires, and Diamonds provide benefits, or “buffs,” that make life in Ertha more of a breeze. However, beware — some buffs are so potent they can drive you mad! Handle with care.

Quartz’s unique piezoelectric properties make it invaluable in the production of electronic devices and components. In Ertha, advanced tech items often require Quartz for their manufacturing, driving demand for this versatile mineral.

Quarrying Your Way to Riches

To extract these valuable resources, you’ll need to build and work in a Quarry. Remember, the higher your Mining skill level, the more efficient your gathering will be. So, practice your prospecting prowess and strike it rich!

Rocks extracted from the ground are ready to be used in various blueprints, done primarily in the Construction Material Company.

Clay: Used for Clay Bricks, a building staple.

Sand & Limestone: Made into glass, cement and concrete.

Salt: Not just for food, but also for industrial processes.

With these essential resources, you’ll construct buildings that stand the test of time!

Minerals are what make a Jewelry Company great. Carefully made into amulets, rings or talismans by master crafters, they’ll make living in Ertha a dynamic experience.

While this list covers the minerals and rocks available in Ertha v1.0, future updates promise to introduce even more resources with potentially extraordinary properties. Keep an eye out for these exciting discoveries!


Now that you’ve delved into the world of minerals and stones in Ertha v1.0, you’re well-equipped to get ready to build, create, and prosper! As you explore the game, remember to balance your gathering with the demand for these crucial resources. So, Erthians, it’s time to rock and roll your way to success! Till next time!

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