What happens when your NFT land comes under attack?

2 min readNov 23, 2021

Previously, we have talked about conflicts in Ertha. Our simulation of a future Earth is designed to replicate a real-life environment with a player-driven economy. A Nation’s actions, whether political or environmental, in times of conflict or peace, can create real change and have far-reaching consequences.

So what really happens when your territory, and your NFT plot come under attack? What are the results of warfare?

We want to reiterate that land NFTs are not subject to be lost in any in-game situation. We appreciate that none of our early land investors want to lose their land NFT, but we do want to ensure that there is an element of risk for players in combat that feels both balanced and rewarding.

Let’s imagine that Spain has defeated Portugal in battle. Portugal will lose control of some it’s territory, but the owners of this land will not lose their NFTs. What changes are the borders. Spain’s borders will expand and Portugal’s will be reduced.

This affects the defeated landowner in a few ways. Players occupying land with new rulers will have to accept new political policies in addition to different tax systems. This will affect the revenue that the NFT holder generates from their land in a positive or negative way.

We are sure that you will find Ertha Metaverse to be an exciting and ever-changing world. When you find your territory under attack, group up, defeat your enemies, and thrive in the world of Ertha.

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