Why are Scientists so essential in the Erthaverse?

2 min readNov 16, 2021


We’re back again to talk about the available character types in Ertha. Earlier, we explained what it takes to become a successful businessman in Ertha. This time, let’s find out more about an essential component of any prospering Erthian society, the scientist.

Ertha’s industries and economies are player driven. They will rely on the formation of successful industries, and behind every successful industry are talented scientists.

Scientists are an essential role in Ertha. It is their responsibility to work on raising the technological level of different industries in each region. Higher technological levels provide businessmen with the ability to produce products of a higher value.

The role of scientist is suitable for players with the never-ending desire to seek education and knowledge. In order to make progress in this field, players will need to dedicate themselves to their studies and develop their real-life knowledge using the Play-to-Learn features. Players will find educational content integrated into various activities, and you will no doubt find yourself spending countless hours working away in research labs helping to develop innovative solutions to the problems of your society.

Time spent in Ertha won’t go to waste. Scientists with the great skills will be sought after by the market leaders of different industries, and will be rewarded generously!

After all, discoveries can’t be made, industries can’t thrive, and wars can’t be won without scientists!

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