Why is buying land in Ertha a smart move?

2 min readSep 30, 2021
The Landscape of Ertha

Have you ever dreamed about having a second chance at life? Well, now you do — on ERTHA metaverse, which replicates real-life environments.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, the game simulates people’s actions and provides the ability to generate real-life revenue. You are free to choose where to live, study or work.

There are a total of 350,000 HEX land plots in ERTHA represented as NFTs. The game is filled with common and exclusive resources so pick your plot wisely.

As a landowner, you will become a part of a community and will receive a cash-back for every transaction in ERT tokens. Dozens of companies and citizens paying taxes will drive the economy of this digital world and provide political control. Here you will have a voice — vote on policies and laws, declare wars to fight for ownership over other hexes.

Working is essential in our society, so go for the specialization of your choice and show your survival, strategic, economic skills. Players will choose various contract types that differ in duration, skill requirements, and salary. Work full-time, on a 7-day contract, or become a freelancer. But first, they will be divided into three personality types that correspond to three stimuli:

  • Competition — Get military training against AI-powered bots and pick your path. Safeguard other player’s assets or turn to attacks on factories and warehouses for your gain.
  • Curiosity — Become one of the most educated people in ERTHA and enhance production efficiency by spending your days in research labs looking for solutions.
  • Social recognition — Establish your own company and provide players with much-needed supplies. Become an industry shark by scaling your business and profit from it.

ERTHA is a social MMO game based on exploring and investigating the world that can turn an investment into a fun experience. Join the blockchain gaming adventure and get involved in DeFi by becoming a landowner in ERTHA.

Ertha is a MMO 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) game with extensive opportunities to satisfy one’s need for curiosity, competitiveness, and social recognition through roleplaying in a vast geopolitical map.
With three distinct characters to select from and endless possibilities to alter them, players themselves will be the creators of their own narrative and wealth both in virtual and real worlds.
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