Why Should You Own ERTHA Water NFT HEXs?

2 min readJun 9, 2022


ERTHA offers a very diverse choice when it comes to NFT Land. The many types of HEXs, resources, countries, cities and more, mean that every HEX in ERTHA is unique.

So, what’s up with Water HEXs? Why are they useful, and are they a good investment?

The Basics

Water HEXs are the most common type of HEX on the Globe. They make up 70% of the whole world. We have ensured this flat space does not go to waste, by making it possible to build properties on water HEXs using Platforms.

The main resource that can be extracted from water HEXs is Salt Water. Some in-land water HEXs will have fresh water available, however, that is much more uncommon. Most of the clean water in ERTHA will come from processed salt water.

Water is a vital resource, necessary for survival and everyday life in ERTHA, and used in pretty much every aspect of Erthian life. That means the market for buying, selling and trading water will be one of the biggest industries in ERTHA.

Water Resources

Water is also a source of other valuable resources. By Exploring your water HEX and increasing its Level, you can find many types of Fish, Plants, Fuels and even rare Minerals!

You also need to take into account Pollution. The closer a Water HEX is to a shore, the heavier it is polluted. This can vary greatly, but if you’re looking to catch the rarest fish like Whales, Dolphins or even Bluefin Tuna, or discover animals like Turtles, Penguins or Seals — your chances increase greatly when you’re far away from land!

In summary, owning a Water NFT HEX will let you earn revenue by participating in one of the most active trading markets in ERTHA, while also being able to find valuable resources and treasures lurking beneath the surface. What secrets does your Water HEX keep?

Explore Available Water NFT HEXs

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