Wood You Believe It? Exploring the Forests of Ertha

3 min readApr 6, 2023

Branch Out with Ertha v1.0’s Wood Types and Craft Your Way to Success!

Hey there, Erthians! Are you ready to log some hours discovering the amazing world of wood resources in Ertha v1.0? In this timber-rific blog post, we’ll delve into the various types of wood that will be available, and explore their many uses. So, wood you like to know more? Grab your axe and let’s get chopping!

A Woodland Wonderland

All wood-related puns aside, check out these fabulous types of wood, each with its own unique rarity that will be launching in Ertha v1.0:

Common: Pine, Spruce, Maple

Uncommon: Oak

Rare: Bamboo

Super Rare: Walnut

Epic: Redwood

The Woodcutters’ Workshop — From Logs to Planks

To extract these versatile wood types, you’ll need to build and work in a Forestry company. Remember, the higher your Cutting skill level, the more efficient your gathering will be. Practice your swings and you’ll be a lumberjack legend in no time!

Wood isn’t ready to use straight from the forest floor. You’ll need to process your logs into planks at a separate company called a Wood Factory. Once transformed, your planks are primed for crafting and construction!

Wood planks have countless uses, making them an essential resource for any Erthian. While they’re often used for lower-tier construction work, they can also be crafted into decorative items for player house interiors, storage items, and more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to woodworking!

Resources Within Resources

Wood, similarly to Fish, has various byproducts that lumberjacks will be eager to get their hands on. For example, Pine and Spruce trees are an excellent source of Sap, which can be used to make rubbers and plastics.

Wood is also an excellent source of calorie-dense food! Nuts are known to be one of the most nutritious nourishments nature can provide, and maple trees are special all on their own — process their sap into a well known delicacy called Maple Syrup (who’s gonna supply the pancakes?!)

Some trees also hide mysteries within. Who knows what the rarest, most sought-after trees of Redwood will surprise you with?

The Global Wood Trade

Landowners with a wood resource can expect to engage in plenty of trading. Each type of wood, from common to epic, is important for different things, making the wood industry an active and thriving part of Ertha’s global economy.


Armed with your newfound knowledge of Ertha’s wood resources, you’re ready to carve out your place in the world of Ertha! As you explore the game, remember to balance your cutting skills with the ever-growing demand for your wooden wares. So, Erthians, it’s time to sharpen your axes and get ready to build, craft, and trade your way to success! Happy chopping!

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